PSA for the day

Look, I’m happy to admit that a price of free will get me to try something pretty quick, but there are some things that frankly just are not worth it.

Hormel Compleats are one of these.

In my opinion, they’re akin to eating warmed over dog food. There’s plenty of sales going on for these right now and coupons out there, but I think even a homeless person would take a whiff of one and kindly refuse. I’m telling you because you may be tempted by the sales out there, but because Frankie loves you, she wants to save your taste buds. Plain lettuce would be a more satisfying meal.

Now, Hormel chili is the bomb, especially for making queso dip, but they’ve really tanked with this one.



2 Responses to “PSA for the day”

  1. 1 Bek
    October. 12. 2009. at 9.24 pm

    Is there a reason they decided to spell “Compleats” like that? …

    And I just got it. “Eats.”

    Still no excuse to mangle the English language like that.

  2. October. 12. 2009. at 10.25 pm

    They have mangled the definition of ‘food’, so I suppose they decided ‘why stop there?’

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