More Meijer deals

Thanks again to MommySnacks for the heads up on this next deal. It’s great to have something on hand for that family gathering or party where you forgot (or are too lazy) to make a dish, or when you’d just like to sweeten someone up. (Like that professor who has been giving you the evil eye for watching YouTube videos in their class.)

Personally, I have about 20 coupons from various sources on this dough just waiting for a good sale. This is probably it.

$1.99 Pillsbury Simply Refrigerated Dough: $1 off Gallon Milk (when you buy 2 Pillsbury)
Several coupons in inserts
$.55 Printable at
Coupons.com, SmartSource , AND CoolSavings *use the back button to print 2 at each site!*
$1.25 Printable here
Net Price $1 each OR 6 Packs: $1.44 TOTAL after coupons/Catalina. KICK ASS.

PLUS, get $1 off each Gallon Milk you would purchase (3 total if you buy 6 packs of cookies). 

Tip: Freeze the dough if you’re not ready to make all the cookies now. You can thaw them overnight in the fridge and bake them the next day.

To take home a great deal on some Aunt Millie’s muffins, print this  $.55 Aunt Millie’s Muffins coupon.  Watch for a $2 sale at Meijer.  After they double the coupon up to $1, it’s just $1 for the box.


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