It’s the great justification for my coupon obsession, Charlie Brown

Now you’re going to judge me for this, but I’m okay with that: I save my grocery/drug store receipts. They’re my prize, my bragging rights, I guess? Not that I get them out and show them to visitors, though. (I don’t. Really.) I keep them tucked away in my home office folded over and paperclipped together. (At some point I will organize them by store – because that’s how I remember when my products were puchased. Not when, but where.)

Part of the way I justify it is this: Now and then, I will come across a rebate that I wasn’t aware of and get all *clappy hands* that I’ve already made the right purchases- which usually means I’ve gotten them for a song.

Today was one of those occasions: I stumbled onto the following rebate that I’d overlooked – and remembered that I’d bought Skippy at Target a few weeks back for $1 with a coupon. I’m sure the Littlest Rockstar would really dig the movie, so I’ll keep my eye open for a sale:

Buy Skippy & the It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown DVD  and get a $3 rebate

HERE‘s the $3 off rebate form.

I also reminded myself of a couple of rebates that are out there which I haven’t (and may not) fulfill, but I printed up the forms and put them in my file, just in case. I’ve already completed requirements for the 3 SC Johnson rebates and could probably complete several more before the end of the time period (just 3 per household, it says).  

I periodically also look over recent deals that I’ve gotten and do web searches periodically to see if there are rebates that slipped through the cracks. Often rebates happen in conjunction with store specials through a corporate marketing promotion, so it pays to look into it.

The amount in rebates that I’m submitting this month will buy me a new bottle of Maker’s, and for this bourbon-lovin’ gal, that is the sweetest reward there is.

Happy rebating!


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