Designer style for less coin

Look, I don’t drop money on cereal because that’s stupid. I’m not bothered about what kind of cereal I eat, mostly. I get something decent for free with coupons and I’m cool with that. I’m not even awake when I’m eating cereal, you know? What do I care.

I am bothered to look hot when I go out. I won’t buy my clothes at Wal-Mart. (I might at Target but Target is the bomb, alright.) That said, I prefer to buy several pieces than to dump a lot of money into one. I buy good quality designer knock offs because I like the style but don’t care about the label.

If you won’t compromise on your style, check out the links below to get designer pieces for less.

6pm.com is a popular discount retailer, with most sales focused on shoes though they’re known to have some clothing and bags, etc on occasion. This weekend, you can purchase ALL Annie Footwear for just $5.95 each pair!  That is legit AWESOME – to get a pair of shoes for less than $6!

Another favorite site of mine is Ideeli. They are pretty well known and I’ve placed several orders with them for jewelery and shoes. They’ve had Gucci, Calvin Kline, Betsey Johnson, Kenneth Cole sales all recently. They even had a Circulon cookware sale that I missed out on where I could have picked up an awesome 5.5qt $120 saucepan for like $37.  I nearly fucking cried, okay. They occasionally get some great kids sales going, too. I can handle Ideeli’s prices better than most.

Gilt Groupe is very popular and has similar sales as Ideeli. I love their kids sales, even to window shop. Their prices range from between $50-100 usually to up in the thousands for high end watches. Their prices are still a significant cut from the label’s suggested price, regardless.

Editor’s closet has a variety of sales- skincare, home furnishings, clothes, shoes, etc. They have all the top names: Lacoste, D&G, Andrew Clark, etc. There’ve been several ALMOST buys for me there, but I’ve yet to pick anything up.

These sites are all invite only, but I’ve given you invite links for each because I’m fucking cool like that.

Badjoan is open to all without invitation. It’s worth checking out occassionally but I’ve yet to be tempted by their sales.


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