New Flooring contest

Shaw Flooring has a contest (with a very well done interactive site, I might add) to win $500 towards the Shaw flooring of your choice.

It doesn’t take long and the site is just fun to look at and when you finish, you’ll get a $200 coupon off a minimum purchase of 50 yards of carpet, 250 feet of laminate, hardwood or ceramic, or a $1,000 rug purchase. Must use by November 30.


2 Responses to “New Flooring contest”

  1. October. 29. 2009. at 11.55 pm

    Let me just tell you, you are AWESOMENESS. Your humor, tone of voice etc totally rolls through my head when I read your blog. PLUS you have GREAT info. KEEP DOING IT GIRL!

  2. November. 5. 2009. at 2.24 pm

    Thank you, Heather. I’ve neglected this blog badly this week – installing wordpress on the new domain has been tricksy, I tell you. I guess I’ll be abandoning the idea for now and just keeping it up here. *sniff sniff* I just really wanted a fancy new template. I am NOT a fan of this one.

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