If this works, my closet will hopefully take off a few sizes, too.

My 4-year-old asked me to wish on a star the other day. I wished that soon I would be able to fit into EVERYTHING in my closet.

The holidays are approaching and I’ve been growing more and more irritated at how my clothes seem to be shrinking in the wash. It doesn’t help that the Halloween party I had for my kid left me with nearly two batches of leftover brownies (which made delicious breakfasts and snacks). The clothes in my closet span about 4 different sizes and I am on the top end of it, which is severely limited. Thank goodness I work from home in sweat pants.

Let me preface this post further by saying – I don’t DO diet supplements/liquid diets, etc. Many years ago I needed to take off about 20lbs so I tried Slim Fast. The first day I thought “Oh, this isn’t so bad!” But truthfully, I think I got through my 6pack and couldn’t bring myself to buy it again. I went through years of trying diet pills, and to look at me you can OBVIOUSLY see that they didn’t work. I’m curvy and cuddly and I’ve learned to (mostly) love and live with it. The problem is that I’m unpaid right now and I cannot bear the thought of buying a higher size – the highest size that my closet would have ever seen.

Suffice it to say that I’d given up on “diet aids” and “supplements” and it’s glaringly obvious that my metabolism isn’t getting any younger.

A friend of mine works at a marketing agency, which often results in samples of the products they’re promoting. One such benefit was the opportunity to try a weight loss shake called Safely Slim. Said friend tried it for a few weeks before ever speaking up about it. She likes it. At the time when she extended an opportunity for her friends to apply for a 2 month trial, she said she could not tell if she’d lost any weight (though it looked to me like she had), but since she liked the drink well enough and it’s actually good for her so she was willing to keep it up. The more I learned about it, the more interested I became:

From the pamphlet:
Safely Slim is the stimulant free complement to any diet and exercise program that hlps you attain a more toned body shape. it’s safe to use long-term since the unique fat-fighting compound ProTone is a natural blend of protein. We made Safely Slim an even more essential component of your diet by including 60% of the daily value for calcium. Dietary fiber and a prebiotic blend support digestive health while helping to keep you feeling full for longer.

With most diets, the average person sacrifices nearly a pound of muscle for every pound of fat lost. This ratio isn’t ideal or attaining the toned, shapely figure you’re working toward. The patented protein blend in ProTone can tip the scales in your favor. It’s been clinically shown to promote fat reduction while helping you retain muscle mass. In a 12-week study published in Nutriotion & Metabolism, subjects using ProTone lst about 80% fat to 20% muscle. Trading pudgy fat fr shapely lean muscle will change the way you look at dieting — and yourself.

So, that’s the pitch. I applied for the trial and was selected to participate. For the next 2 months, I’ll have a drink for breakfast and then later on as a snack between lunch and dinner.

The product, Safely Slim, is a powder drink mix (comes in Double Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream flavors) that is mixed with COLD water. Amazingly, it is NOT gritty in the least – and that was the first criteria for which I was ready to shoot this down. (Hey, I’m chubby because I LOVE food. If it doesn’t please my taste buds, it’s going to fail.) I’ve not yet tried the Vanilla, but the chocolate is decent! If it were heated, it would remind me of hot cocoa.

The next point that pleasantly surprised me about it is that it’s actually GOOD for you. So I figured, even if I don’t lose weight, it not only won’t hurt me, but hopefully I’ll come out healthier.

I want to give myself the best chance at losing, so tomorrow I’ll unbury the elliptical/coat rack and work out once a day. I won’t bombard you all with updates about my diet, but if this works, I’m proud to have the opportunity to share my progress with you – maybe even with pictures.


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