Todays project

The littlest rockstar is off to see Cats with Grandma today, so I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.

One of my projects is to get these coupons under control! I suspect that part of the reason I am feeling so uninspired is that my coupons look like this:

This makes it pretty much impossible to find anything in short order.

So, I’ve seen most hardcore coupon types putting together a binder with baseball card pages in them to store coupons. I’m going to give that a swing. I picked up 50 9 pocket baseball card pages on ebay for around $10 plus shipping, then found a binder that I am hopeful will hold up. It also has built-in pockets in the front and back which would be handy for the little coupon books that CVS and Walgreens inevitably have.

Think I can get everything in there? I do hope.

And of course, a little personalization is never amiss:

If I pull it off, expect pictures of that, too. Oh, and it’s about time for me to take down all my Halloween decorations, isn’t it. *adds that to the list*

Also, I signed up on this site because they sent me a thing of freebies, right? This was on the packaging. I… really kind of hate this. Doesn’t this reinforce stereotypes and all sorts of negative business?


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