I don’t know if I’ve posted in the past about Swagbucks, but I’m taking the opportunity to do so now. I signed up a while back at the suggestion of MoneySavingMom, because she has yet to steer me wrong. This one couldn’t be easier.

You earn ‘swagbucks’ a number of  ways, but the easiest way is through using swagbucks for searches. Now, the swagbucks search IS a google search, so it’s no skin off my back to go through their site. Random searches get swagbucks, its as easy as that.

You can trade in your swagbucks towards gift cards or a ton of other things.

The best way to use it is to install the toolbar, but only because then you’ll default to using their search instead of the one in your browser. Again, no sweat, and it shows you all of the time how many swagbucks you have. Occassionally, they’ll have Facebook and Twitter contests as well, so it’s worthwhile to check in on them. Swagbucks is not new, in fact I was surprised to find out how many people I know are using it.

So, that’s the speech. Sign up through this link and you’ll get some bucks to start out with, and I’ll get a pat on the bat for giving you the kool aid.


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