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Shopping cheap, a monthly guide

If you like to make being a cheapass a year-long affair, here’s the post for you.

This article goes through each month of the year and tells you what the best month is to find the best deals on the stuff you need! A little bit of planning goes a long way.


Free $17 coupon booklet from ConAgra Foods


Copy and paste this address into your web browser to sign up for a free booklet from ConAgra with $17 worth of coupons in it:

Thanks, KC Penny Pinchin Mama


I don’t know if I’ve posted in the past about Swagbucks, but I’m taking the opportunity to do so now. I signed up a while back at the suggestion of MoneySavingMom, because she has yet to steer me wrong. This one couldn’t be easier.

You earn ‘swagbucks’ a number of  ways, but the easiest way is through using swagbucks for searches. Now, the swagbucks search IS a google search, so it’s no skin off my back to go through their site. Random searches get swagbucks, its as easy as that.

You can trade in your swagbucks towards gift cards or a ton of other things.

The best way to use it is to install the toolbar, but only because then you’ll default to using their search instead of the one in your browser. Again, no sweat, and it shows you all of the time how many swagbucks you have. Occassionally, they’ll have Facebook and Twitter contests as well, so it’s worthwhile to check in on them. Swagbucks is not new, in fact I was surprised to find out how many people I know are using it.

So, that’s the speech. Sign up through this link and you’ll get some bucks to start out with, and I’ll get a pat on the bat for giving you the kool aid.


The elves have finally turned on Santa and are offering deals under the table

I guess that’s what Meijer would have us think. I recently changed my subscription settings on, and now I’m getting emails like this one:

Like any wise shopper, I suggest comparing online prices. The prices they’re posting seem somewhat comparable to what has these same items priced at, so obviously manufacturers are offering deals.

I heard on NPR the other day that this is a new retail strategy – retails are worried about this Xmas season so they’re offering deals sooner to entice folks to buy – they’re copying the Amazon GoldBox concept.

I keep bringing up Amazon, but ever since we got our free Amazon Prime subscription, I’ve been shopping there a lot more. I don’t know that it will continue when that runs out, but I’m sure loving it now!


Fee Free Wednesdays

Don’t forget that today is Fee Free Wednesday at LiveNation: No service fees (for participating shows and venues).

You can also enter to win an “Ultimate Access Pass” for All-Show Access to a Live Nation Club
The Ultimate Access Pass gives you ALL-Shows access for you and a guest at a participating Live Nation Venue in 2010.

You guys, it’s almost November and tours are wrapping soon for the year.

What bands are you hoping to see in 2010? How many shows do you think you’ll catch next year?

I’ll post my list when I have time to focus on it :)


Designer style for less coin

Look, I don’t drop money on cereal because that’s stupid. I’m not bothered about what kind of cereal I eat, mostly. I get something decent for free with coupons and I’m cool with that. I’m not even awake when I’m eating cereal, you know? What do I care.

I am bothered to look hot when I go out. I won’t buy my clothes at Wal-Mart. (I might at Target but Target is the bomb, alright.) That said, I prefer to buy several pieces than to dump a lot of money into one. I buy good quality designer knock offs because I like the style but don’t care about the label.

If you won’t compromise on your style, check out the links below to get designer pieces for less. is a popular discount retailer, with most sales focused on shoes though they’re known to have some clothing and bags, etc on occasion. This weekend, you can purchase ALL Annie Footwear for just $5.95 each pair!  That is legit AWESOME – to get a pair of shoes for less than $6!

Another favorite site of mine is Ideeli. They are pretty well known and I’ve placed several orders with them for jewelery and shoes. They’ve had Gucci, Calvin Kline, Betsey Johnson, Kenneth Cole sales all recently. They even had a Circulon cookware sale that I missed out on where I could have picked up an awesome 5.5qt $120 saucepan for like $37.  I nearly fucking cried, okay. They occasionally get some great kids sales going, too. I can handle Ideeli’s prices better than most.

Gilt Groupe is very popular and has similar sales as Ideeli. I love their kids sales, even to window shop. Their prices range from between $50-100 usually to up in the thousands for high end watches. Their prices are still a significant cut from the label’s suggested price, regardless.

Editor’s closet has a variety of sales- skincare, home furnishings, clothes, shoes, etc. They have all the top names: Lacoste, D&G, Andrew Clark, etc. There’ve been several ALMOST buys for me there, but I’ve yet to pick anything up.

These sites are all invite only, but I’ve given you invite links for each because I’m fucking cool like that.

Badjoan is open to all without invitation. It’s worth checking out occassionally but I’ve yet to be tempted by their sales.


Here’s 20% off at the Container Store. Mail someone who cares.

20% off at the Container Store until November 1.  To shop online, use code savenow during checkout.

Kohl’s 15% off, EXPIRES TONIGHT.  Also they are running their Kohl’s cash promotion, which means you receive $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend.

Hipster cheapasses can save 20% at Hollister. I have never seen a Hollister coupon (then again, I don’t shop there because I’m not a fucking hipster or a size 2. I AM bitter, thank you). This expires October 31.

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