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$5/5 Healthy Choice Frozen Meals = $0.78 each at Walmart


There’s a high-value printable coupon here for $5 off of 5 Healthy Choice Frozen Meals. Walmart (and other stores) have some of the meals priced at $1.78 or so making them $0.78 after the coupon.

Thanks, MoneySavingMom


Wal Mart Gig week of November 22

A huge thanks to  Deal Seeking Mom and NWA Deals for this week’s matchup. Here are a few sweet deals if you’re headed that way:

$.98/pound Butterball Turkey (avg. Size 10-11 lbs. or about $10 each)
$2 Printable at SmartSource
Net Price $7.80 each (for 10 lb Turkey)

$1.50 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
$.50 Printable here
Net Price $1 each

$2.48 Lance Sandwich Crackers
$1 Printable at SmartSource
Net Price $1.48 each

$1.42 Kikkoman Soy Sauce, or Sweet & Sour Sauce
$1 on 2 Printable at SmartSource
Net Price $.92 each

$3.34 Visine Products
$2 Printable at RedPlum
Net Price $1.34 each

$.96 Curad Bandages & Gauze Pads
$.50 Printable at SmartSource
Net Price $.46 each

$1.72 NYC Liquid Lip Shine
$1 in the December All You (exp 12/31)
Net Price $.72 each

Walmart sales/prices vary slightly by region. Be sure to take the Walmart Coupon Policy with you.


some new Wal-Mart deals

I still don’t know if I’m going back but I know for some it can’t be avoided, so here’s some deal still happening at SuperWalmarts.

Thanks, MSM et all.

Campbell’s cooking soups–reduced to $0.58 at some stores
Buy 4 and use $1/4 printable coupon
$0.33 per can after coupon

McCormick Gravy Mix–$0.50
Buy 2 and use $0.50/2 coupon from the 11/1 RedPlum insert
$0.25 each after coupon

Swanson Broth (14 oz. cans)–$0.45
Buy 4 and use $0.35/4 coupon from the 11/8 SmartSource insert
$0.36 each after coupon

Birdseye Steamfresh Vegetables–$0.88
Use $0.50/1 coupon from the 10/18 SmartSource insert
$0.38 after coupon

Heinz Gravy–$0.75
Buy 3 and use $1/3 Heinz Homestyle Gravy
$0.42 each after coupon

Eagle Brand Condensed Milk–$1.57
Buy 2 and use $2/2 coupon from 11/8 RedPlum insert
$0.57 after coupon

Renuzit Air Freshener–$0.97
Buy 3 and use Buy 2 get 1 free coupon from 11/8 SmartSource insert
$0.65 each after

Reynold’s Slow Cooker Liners–$1.87
Use $1/1 coupon from the 11/8 SmartSource insert
$0.87 after coupon

Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice–$2.88
Use $2/1 printable coupon–here (IE) or here (FF)
$0.88 after coupon

Endust Free spray–$2.98
Use $2/1 coupon from the 11/8 RedPlum insert
$0.98 after coupon

Crisco cooking oil–$2.00
Use $1/1 coupon from the 11/8 RedPlum insert
$1 after coupon

Gold Medal Flour (5 lbs.)–$1.50
Use $0.50/1 printable coupon
$1 after coupon

See more current deals at Wal-Mart here.


Reason #425 why I rarely shop at Wal Mart

We all know that Wal Mart is the devil, right. Corporate bastards.

Today I went to Wal Mart, using the deals I listed in the Wal Mart gig as well as asking them to price match a few items out of the Kroger ad. No problem. And listen – I go in to every store organized. I know exactly how many of each item I’m buying. I hand them the coupons together, neatly so that they can be rung up easily. There is no need for confusion or for the person behind me in line to get pissed off for me taking too long – unless the cashier is clueless (which is not uncommon at any store).

The issue came at Wal Mart today when they went to ring up my coupons. The cashier as well – as the manager – thought that since they do not double coupons, this meant that they could not ring more than 1 of the same item with a coupon. In other words, if I have 5 of the same item, I can only use 1 coupon. Not so. I know this for a fact. They read the fine print, too. At some point later they decided they could accept one clipped coupon and one internet coupon. The fine print (on all these coupons) read “1 coupon per purchase” which they read to mean 1 per transaction. Again, not so, I assured them.

Taking the coupon policy with me would have done no good since neither one of the people there understand what the verbiage meant. They said the cashier could get wrote up if we do it wrong. I assured them that I’m not trying to screw anyone. I know the rules, I do this several times a week at several stores. They ignored me and the manager treated me like I was trying to pull one over on them.

IT TOOK THEM 50 MINUTES to ring up my transaction. Only 5 of that was to scan and bag my items. THIS WAS THE ONLY REGISTER OPEN besides the self-checkouts.

I was there with my 4-year-old. It was late and we were tired and I will NEVER do it again. Not going back.


$99 XBox 360 Saturday


Practice wise partying this Friday, kids. Drink lots of water, take some advil and eat something greasy before bed.

Walmart is having a Pre-Black Friday Instore Event on Saturday (11/7). It begins at 8am but you will have to get there early. There are a few decent deals but the standout is the XBox 360. Get all the details HERE.

They are selling the XBox for $199. Then when you purchase it, you’ll get a $100 eGift card. This means you can only use the gift card online, but still a great deal. Quantities are limited so you’ll want to be there early, early.


So cheap, it’s like Magic.

How’s that for a cheesy headline? I aim to please. is offering Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for Pre-Order for $10! (List Price of $28.98)

Go HERE to pre-order yours! It also currently has FREE shipping to your home!

Releases on 12/8/09. Limit 2.

Makes a great stocking stuffer or gift for that HP fanatic.

Thanks, CouponGeek

Wal Mart Gig Week of Nov 1

This is a long one, thanks to NWA Deals.


Bargain Briana shares this:
Indiana Walmart had Jennie’O turkeys on sale for $.40/lb (limit 2) and Honeysuckle turkeys on sale for $.60/lb (limit 2) tonight.  Great deal!  (Butterball = $.98/lb right now.  There is also a $1/1 ip on for the Honeysuckle turkeys.

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