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Don’t you know who I think I am?

Look off to the right hand side there. You’ll see a Networked Bogs logo and a button to “follow this blog”. In order for me to set up my updates to facebook, this application requires 10 people to verify me.

See, that’s where you come in. You move your mouse over there, click the button, and then one more time on the next page that comes up.

Then, hit your back button to come back here and keep readin’. Thanks for your help.


That’s a great question. I don’t (usually) have an answer.

Except today, I do. And I’m stoked that Tiffani asked Shellie this question, because it frustrated me for the longest time, until I figured out what was happening.

See the answer to this

Sometimes when I’m trying to print a coupon it keeps asking me to install the coupon printer. I know I have it installed and it just keeps asking me. What am I doing wrong?


If you’re on a Mac, scroll down to the comments for a tip just for you fine people.