Are you ready to piss off cashiers, fellow shoppers and your printer save lots of money, try lots of new products for free and have people go all Keanu Reeves on you at your minimal total due at the checkout: ‘Whoa. How did you do that?’

Awesome, welcome to the club.

You may want to consider subscribing to your area Sunday newspapers. For about $1/week for each subscription, you’ll get probably $25-50/week in Sunday coupon inserts.

Note – The biggest/best deals tend to come from stores that double coupons AND have store coupons. So, here’s a scenario.

Your favorite breakfast cereal is 2.39 on sale. You have a manufacturer’s .75/1 (read: save $.75 on 1 box) coupon. The store website has a printable .50/1 coupon.
It plays out like this:

2.39 Sale Price
-1.00 (.75 coupon doubled up to 1.00 – most stores that double have this policy)
– .50 store coupon (not doubled)
$.89 final price for the cereal that you’d have bought anyway.

Do this on several items on your grocery visit and you’ve bought yourself, at minimum, a few shots on Friday night. At best, you’ve stock up on the deals and don’t have to buy groceries at all this week.

Here we go…

Step 1: Pick 1 store to start. This can easily get overwhelming.
Step 2: Understand the policies and nuances of that store.
Step 3: Print (and trim, if you care to be kind to the cashier) up any coupons for items linked that you need. Check the store’s website if they have any proprietary coupons.
Step 4: Copy/paste the gig from this site or others to a text document that you can edit. Delete the deals you won’t be picking up. Taking this sheet along allows you to be sure that the sale price listed is also the same in your area. Some of these deals are regional.
Step 5: Pick through your stash for any corresponding coupons that you may have clipped elsewhere.
Step 6: Write any extra items that you need to pick up on your gig and staple your coupons to the list. This way you’re very organized when you get to the checkout and cause minimal disruption. Ha ha.

Rinse and repeat.

Actually, there’s a lot more to it than this if you want to get really involved, but that’s the bare bones basics. If you want to feel more in the know, Visit Marcy at SavingABuckBlog who has done a very thorough Coupons 101 series.


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